It’s Real, 2Pac certainly, is an American legend. Even after his death this rapper with great insight to truths seems to linger amongst us from the other realm. Every so many years something new or never heard or seen before surfaces about 2Pac.

The latest on 2Pac is a raunchy sex tape that also, includes a tune of Tupac never heard before. So this raunchy little sex tape straight from 1991, is quite the gem for a number of reasons, 2Pac gets a blow job from an adoring fan, 2Pac never heard before tune and 2Pac exhibiting his multi tasking, killer skills.

The sex tape takes place in 1991 at a house party that’s packed with galore of adoring female fans. 2Pac walks in the house with his pants all the way down to his ankles and isn’t wearing a shirt. He quickly picks a girl that immediately starts to give him oral pleasure.

As he is having his dick sucked by the adoring groupie, 2Pac manages to sing along to this never before heard song as he dances to it as he smokes a blunt and takes swigs off his drink, he even starts talking to Money B from Digital Underground. Needless, to say the guy was a champ at multi tasking and the girl was pretty great as well, as she managed to never stop the sex act even as 2Pac went through all these motions.

We’re really fucking stoked to see this 2Pac raunchy sex tape. Not only do we get to see him acting like a bad ass, smooth as hell dude, but we also, get to listen to a never before heard song of Tupac!

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